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Goldenflo Holsteins Consigns to the Frozen Genetics Summer Thaw Online Sale

IT’S SHOW TIME! Goldenflo Holsteins alongside Leighside Farms have consigned to the Unique Designs Frozen Genetics Summer Thaw Online Sale! Head over to their Facebook page to see the exciting exportable sexed semen embryos they have made available!

Past Updates

December 3, 2020: GoldenFlo Holsteins had some incredible highlights from last week’s visit with the classifier, which included a follow up revisit for Goldenflo Sidekick Silly who is now VG-88 2yr MAX!

Classification Highlights
1st Lactation

  • Goldenflo Glamour Swagger (Chief) VG85
  • Goldenflo Comingo Saloon VG85
  • Goldenflo Koolaid Scotch (Devour) VG85
  • Goldenflo Koolaid Slurpee (Devour) VG85
  • Goldenflo Leighside Let Me See VG85 (Kingboy)
Goldenflo Sidekick Silly VG-88 2yr MAX

2nd Lactation

  • Goldenflo Doorman Rapunzel VG87
  • Goldenflo Fitz Reign VG87
  • Goldenflo Contender Raine VG87
  • Goldenflo Classic Raine VG87
  • Goldenflo Stylish Radiant (Jacoby) VG86
  • Goldenflo Contender Razorback VG86
  • Goldenflo Impression Roosevelt VG85
  • Goldenflo Kingpin Ribbon VG85
  • Goldenflo Mcbemmer Random VG85

3+ Lactation

  • Goldenflo Avalanche Peekaboo EX91
  • Goldenflo Windbrook Perfection EX90
  • Goldenflo Dempsey November EX90
  • Goldenflo Airintake Maureen EX90
  • Goldenflo Dempsey Panda VG88
  • Goldenflo Doorman National VG87

Multiple Excellents

  • Goldenflo Linjet Elfie EX92-6E
  • Goldenflo Lauthority Koolaid EX93-4E
  • Goldenflo LOL Mandy EX92-3E
  • Goldenflo Dempsey Nike EX90-2E

Goldenflo Holsteins is located in the scenic Hillsborough River, just east of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The home farm has been in the family since the island was populated in the 1800’s by absentee landowners. The farm is a multi-generational family farm with the first registered Holstein being purchased by Athol in the late 1960’s.

The simple philosophy that has served Goldenflo Holsteins over the years is, “If you are going to milk cows 2X a day, 7 days a week, you might as well milk a good one.” By following this, it has allowed Goldenflo Holsteins to achieve Master Breeder status, as well as numerous All-Canadian and All-American nominations. It has helped form the appreciation that they receive every time they walk into the barn and see a group of well, deep pedigreed cow families. They strive daily to ensure better breeding and better cows, creating a herd that is desirable for them and any other dairy.

Goldenflo Holsteins has developed into a herd of a 100 milking cows which are housed in a modern tie-stall facility.. The land base has expanded to over 900 acres, with most feed inputs grown on-farm.

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