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Golden Oaks Sale of Universe Sale 2013

Selling Polled Earnhardt P from Ravens


Regan-Alh M Deline_KDB2013_web500



Regan-ALH M Deline-ET 1865G  VG-87 EX 92 MS

Deline’s Shamrock daughter Golden-Oaks Shmrock Dana-ET scored GP 83 VG MS @ 2-0 fresh 50days!

Stars-of-the-Universe_logo_SmlalSelling from this Raven family in the Stars of the Universe is Deline’s Jun 2013 Earnhardt P Grand daughter: 

Golden-Oaks Earn Desire-ET *PO
Earnhardt P x Shamrock Dana x Deline
+2230G +1325M +53F +52P +622NM +2.42T


Ethan Heinzmann
Golden Oaks Farm
Email: [email protected]
PH 847-224-7861

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