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Gloryland Liberty Rae passes away at 17-years-old

After turning 17-years-old on July 4, Gloryland Liberty Rae passed away in green pastures on July 18. Scored EX-95 3E, she is an 8th Generation EX Roxy and a Durham daughter of 2E-94 Lana Rae. 

Gloryland Liberty RaeLiberty Rae was bred by Gloryland Holsteins, and sold through the 2008 Cowtown International Showcase III in 2008 for $410,000. She was purchased by Cowtown Holsteins, and then sold again in 2011 to the partnership of Tait, Collins, Mitchell & Stoltzfus, VA.

She had a best 365-day record of 47,060M 4.2F 3.1P at 7-03. She was named HM All-American 4-Year-Old in 2005 and Grand Champion at the Virginia State Show in 2006.

To date, she has 23 Very Good, 14 Excellent daughters, 3 GP daughters with none scored lower. She has three daughters classified EX-94: two by September Storm and 1 by Starbuck.

Gloryland Liberty Rae


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