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Global Dairy Tech Start-up Spotlight Introduced to Industry

As dairy producers face challenges that are both different and greater than ever before, emerging dairy technology companies continue to step-up to the plate to meet the needs of producers. Since 1967, many new dairy companies have utilized World Dairy Expo to introduce their business and their cutting-edge technology to the global dairy industry. However, the cancellation of World Dairy Expo 2020 creates challenges for the innovative companies who planned to exhibit at WDE this fall and for the producers who want to be introduced to emerging technology start-ups in the dairy industry. 

This scenario led to the founding of the Global Dairy Tech Start-up Spotlight which creates a platform for ten of the most exciting digital dairy technology start-ups to present their ideas to dairy producers around the globe. Hosted by AgriTech Capital, and funded by the start-ups themselves, the spotlight brings together elite dairy tech start-ups and gives them the opportunity to meet with top dairy farmers, virtually!

The Global Dairy Tech Start-up Spotlight will be hosted on October 1, 2020 at 1 p.m. (CST) with free event registration available now HERE. While the global dairy industry would normally be meeting in Madison, Wisconsin on October 1 for World Dairy Expo, WDE is proud to endorse this virtual event in lieu of its show cancellation.

“The Global Dairy Tech Start-up Spotlight is in line with the spirit of World Dairy Expo, showcasing some of the newest technologies available to the dairy industry from emerging companies,” shares Scott Bentley, World Dairy Expo General Manager. “Expo is delighted that it is taking place and is exploring the possibility of making it an in-person feature at the 2021 show.”

The event will be divided into two parts, a showcase of the ten companies followed by a panel discussion with industry experts. The presentations will be fast-moving as each company will have five minutes to showcase their technology, business model and experience with producers. After the pitches are complete, a short discussion revolving around dairy farms of the future and the role technology will play will take place amongst the industry experts involved in this event.

Serving as the industry experts on the panel and as the selection committee are three independent dairy experts who are recognized leaders in digital dairy technology. The trio is comprised of Marcia Endres, PhD, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Animal Science, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Joao H.C. Costa, PhD, Professor, Dairy Science, University of Kentucky and Jeffrey Bewley, PhD, Analytics and Innovation Scientist at Holstein Association, USA.

The ten start-ups selected by this committee each have a digital based technology for dairy such as robots, cameras, sensors, drones or blockchain and answer a specific need from producers like feed bunk management, cow behavior monitoring, cow health, milk quality and manure treatment. Amongst the companies participating in the first-ever Global Dairy Tech Start-up Spotlight are Advanced Animal DiagnosticsCainthusEIO diagnosticsLabbyLivestock Water Recycling, Milc groupPharmRobotics and Soma Detect.

“It is clear that digital technologies are the future of dairy farms,” shared Aidan Connolly, AgriTech Capital President. “We see changes happening so fast that the connected farm is likely to be the norm within the next 5 years. There are a lot of digital dairy technologies out there, and it is not always easy for producers to navigate between them all. The Global Dairy Tech Start-up Spotlight is a platform to showcase the selected ten leading digital companies, with the idea of offering them an opportunity to present their technology to producers and answer some commonly asked questions they might get at a trade show from producers. All the start-ups selected propose solutions that solve a critical problem for dairy producers and as a result help them maximize efficiencies, profitability and production. This is an extraordinary opportunity for them to show their products in action!”

More information about the Dairy Tech Start-up Spotlight is available HERE. Questions about this innovative event can be sent to Benoit Batard at [email protected].   

Established by Aidan Connolly in North Carolina in 2018, AgriTech Capital is a resource for new and established companies working at the interface of agriculture and technology. AgriTech Capital has aided governments, fortune 500 food companies and large agri-businesses on their AgTech strategy while also helping 12 start-ups finance and design their sales and marketing strategies. These companies have since launched new products, expanded across the globe, raised millions of dollars in capital, and moved from concept to profitable.  Connolly also contributes to a wide range of publications in agriculture and business, including Forbes.


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