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Gleann Holsteins Classification Highlights

After a long 8 month wait, the Classifier was finally back at Gleann Holsteins in Nova Scotia. The wait obviously paid off with their average of the day being 85.6! 

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Classification Highlights

1st calf

  • SD Birthright VG-86
  • Denver Bobsled CG-85
  • Emilio Loves Litany VG-85
  • Army Roseway VG-85-R&W
  • Ragtag Impression VG-85
  • B Quiet VG-85
  • Slater Quincy GP-84
  • Unix Glasgow GP-83
  • Defiant Brooklyn GP-83
  • Defiant Big Bird GP-83 R&W
  • Unix Trinity GP-83
  • Goldchip Revival GP-83
  • Army Bratt GP-81

2 calves

  • BC Rebound VG-88
  • Atwood Pursuit VG-88
  • Control Relay VG-87
  • Atwood Bermuda VG-86
  • Dempsey Tabasco VG-85
  • Absolute Reality GP-83

3 calves

  • Atwood Keppoch EX-90
  • Brady Regina EX-90
  • Dempsey Liaison VG-88
  • Goldchip Scenario VG-88

4+ calves

  • Sid Caesar EX-90
  • Brazzle Lacey VG-87
  • Lexis Windbrook Gracious EX-92 2E
  • Sid Show N Tell EX-91 3E
  • Destry Reminder EX-91 3E


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