Glass milk bottles making comeback parts UK

Glass milk bottles making a comeback in parts of the UK

Milkmen and milkwomen are making a comeback in London as millennials have started using glass milk bottles in order to cut down on plastic waste, reports Caxton Central.
Dairies in the city reported a “phenomenal” upsurge in interest from younger customers amid growing public concern over plastic waste.

Both UK-wide company Milk & More and east London dairy Parker Dairies have seen an increased demand for glass bottles in 2018, crediting David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II for the new demand.

The companies said younger consumers and families seem willing to pay more for the service in a bid to help the environment.

Parker Dairies which has a fleet of electric milk floats covering all of east London, the city and the West End, has seen a substantial growth in new customers most of which are having milk delivered in glass bottles. In the past milk floats were powered by batteries.

Patrick Müller, managing director of Milk & More, which is the largest milk deliverer said: “We believe the tradition of the milkman has some fantastic elements that are relevant now. It’s popular with families – people that care about the local community and local produce. We talked with customers and they said they enjoy the experience of the glass bottle – the childhood memories – and they want to reduce their plastic wastage.”

Dairy firms across the UK have seen a surge in demand for milk in glass bottles since the start of 2018. Research by the BBC found that 17 out of 20 dairy businesses have seen a rise in sales of glass milk bottles to homes and businesses amid concern over plastic waste this year.


Source: The Citizen

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