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Get your Entries in for the 2019 World Dairy Expo!

Time is running out to enter cattle to compete on the legendary colored shavings October 1-5 at World Dairy Expo! The early entry fee has passed by the electronic entries will remain open through September 19, with paper entries continuing to be accepted until the day of the show, both for an increased fee.

All animals must have an official Canadian CCIA or USDA AIN RFID or visual tag number listed on their entry form at the time of submission. Animals lacking this number – or with a pending identification number – will not be accepted. More information regarding identification requirements, along with entry forms, schedule of events, rules and other updates are available online at World Dairy Expo and are included in the Premium Book – mailed to recent dairy cattle exhibitors on July 1.

Questions related to cattle entries and the WDE Dairy Cattle Show may be directed to Laurie Breuch, Dairy Cattle Show Coordinator, at [email protected] or Ann Marie Magnochi, Dairy Cattle Show Manager, at [email protected], or by calling the Expo office at 608-224-6455.

Serving as the meeting place of the global dairy industry, World Dairy Expo brings together the latest in dairy innovation and the best cattle in North America. Crowds of more than 65,000 people, from nearly 100 countries, will return to Madison, Wis. for the 53rd annual event, October 1-5, 2019, when the world’s largest dairy-focused trade show, dairy and forage seminars, a world-class dairy cattle show and more will be on display. Visit World Dairy Expo or follow WDE on FacebookTwitterInstagramSnapchat or YouTube for more information.

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