GENEX releases four new Jersey Sires

GENEX releases four new Jersey Sires

GENEX announces limited availability of new-release Jersey sires 1JE01047 ARENA {3}, 1JE01041 KAZAN {3}, 1JE01040 BRANCH {3}and 1JE01048 EVERLASTING {3}. Debuting mid-term between sire summaries enables producers to utilize the latest in elite Jersey genetics.

ARENA {3} is a standout for producing cows that excel in commercial herd environments. This Avon x Mackenzie debuts in the top 10 for the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index at +846. He also boats an impressive +719 Cheese Merit (CM$) and +210 JPI™ with a +28.8 JUI™. ARENA {3} daughters should demonstrate longevity (+8.3 Productive Life) and meet production demands based on his +1275 Milk and +117 combined Fat and Protein (CFP). ARENA {3} is available in GenChoice™ sexed semen.

KAZAN {3}, an Avon x Magnum, is another great commercial cow producer. This new release stands at +805 for the ICC$ index and is among the lineup’s best for Cheese Maximizer (ChMAX$), one of three sub-indexes that comprise the ICC$ index. If focusing on component production, look to this bull with his +564 ChMAX$, +58 Protein and +69 Fat. He’s also +667 CM$, +198 JPI™ and +15.3 JUI™.

BRANCH {3}, Avon x Daybreak, is the choice for improving herd fertility. He’s a top five bull for ICC$’s Fertility (FERT$) sub-index with his +2.7 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, +4.4 Cow Conception Rate and +4.3 Heifer Conception Rate. His impressive +7.8 Productive Life (PL) and +3.3 Livability (LIV) means daughters should remain profitable and in the herd too. BRANCH {3} is +647 CM$, +196 JPI™ and +16.9 JUI™.

New sire EVERLASTING {3} debuts at +798 ICC$, +665 CM$ and +180 JPI™. This Marlo {2} son out of a 1JE00791 DIVIDEND daughter ranks exceptionally well for ICC$’s Sustainability (SUST$) sub-index. SUST$ encompasses traits like PL, LIV, Somatic Cell Score, Mastitis Resistance (MR), functional udder traits and the new GENEX proprietary trait Calf Survivability. Notable for EVERLASTING {3} is his 101 MR, +8.1 PL and +3.3 LIV.

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