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Genex Marks Genchoice Semen Ten Million Unit Record

Cattle genetics cooperative GENEX has sold dairy and beef producers more than 10 million units of its gender specific line of genetics called GenChoice™ sexed semen.

Genex Marks Genchoice Semen Ten Million Unit Record“In the 10 years since this product was released, we’ve marketed a record number of units. That 10 million units is enough to breed all the dairy cows in the U.S. once!” describes Keith Heikes, GENEX chief operating officer.

“During the past decade, we’ve also made it our goal to offer some of the industry’s best genetics in our gender specific product line.”

In the early years, herds benefitted from sires like 1JE00604 GANNON and 1HO06833 TRES. Today, GenChoice™ semen can be found from world-class sires like 1JE00966 FUTURE {3}, 1HO11989 ROMERO, 1HO12433 ROCKSTAR, 1AN01141 BISMARCK and 1AR00946 REDEMPTION.

Sexed semen has become a mainstay in the cattle industry. Producers utilize GenChoice™ semen as part of their strategic breeding programs.

“To increase genetic progress within a herd, more and more producers are choosing to utilize sexed semen on their highest genetic merit heifers and cows,” states Heikes. “This strategic breeding leads to more genetically superior heifer calves.”

Giving producers more options, GENEX recently added GenChoice™ 4M semen to its sexed semen product lineup.This new product contains twice the number of female sperm cells than traditional GenChoice™ semen and is expected to positively impact conception rates.

“We are proud to be a leader in offering innovative tools and resources to help cattle producers develop effective and profitable strategic breeding programs. GenChoice™ semen coupled with our on-farm consultants, Calf MathSM and Sort-GateSM programs, and data-driven PregCheck+™ fertility rankings are helping more producers achieve their herd goals.”

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