Garhaven Farms classification highlights - Cowsmo

Garhaven Farms classification highlights

Garhaven Farms, ON is proud to report a great June classification round!

Sympatico Nala VG-87 (90MS 91DS) ©Garhevn Farms

Classification Highlights

1st lactation

  • Kerrigan Malarky VG-85
  • Legrand Melody VG-85 
  • Dicey Journey VG-85 
  • Brazen Expander GP-84
  • Impression Lace GP-83
  • Kerrigan Neve GP-83
  • Impressed For Dayz GP-83
  • Heavenly Impression GP-83
  • Kerrigan Harlowe GP-83
  • Deputy Dayzi GP-82
  • Kerrigan Trix GP-82

2nd+ lactation

  • Byway Nite VG-85
  • Meridian Tris VG-86 (90 MS)
  • Hercermer Control VG-87
  • Sympatico Nala VG-87 (90 MS 91 DS)
  • Mickelson Talladega VG-87
  • Collateral Burst EX (92 MS 91 DS)
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