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G-Stars & FutureStars for maximum progress

Be of good cheer – this holiday proof round brings 16 new G-Star sires and 12 new FutureStars to our ever-improving genomic-proven lists.

The gift of G-Stars to your genetic plan

G-Star sires are our best and brightest young bulls with the most genetic potential. All sires gracing the G-Star list are genomic-tested for production, health and conformation traits to provide about 70% reliability. A wide array of trait outliers offers a great selection of bulls to fit your custom, genetic plan.

Keep in mind that while the impressive G-Star sire averages may seem lower than previous proof rounds, this trait value rollback is due entirely to the December 2014 genetic base change.

Trait averages for the entire group of Alta G-Star sires

Taking the base change into account, within this outstanding group, there are many outliers for the production, health and conformation traits. There are 41 G-Stars over 1000 pounds of milk; 25 are over 2.0 for DPR; and yet another 37 top out over 1.50 for PTAT.

FutureStars – maximum progress and peace of mind

FutureStar sires are the way to go if you want the benefits of elite genomic sires, but prefer the added reliability of real observations for proven sire fertility and low calving ease. In the minimum of one year that FutureStar sires are used globally before joining the list, we collect data from on-farm herd management software programs for real pregnancy checks and actual calvings.

Only the sires that prove to be high fertility, low calving ease and low for sire stillbirths are added to this exclusive list. To top that off, every FutureStar on our list is sired by a daughter-proven bull, giving you even more confidence in the future success of these bulls as part of your breeding program.

FutureStars truly offer the best of both worlds – high genomic potential and peace of mind to use these sires with confidence knowing you’re minimizing calving risks and gaining sire fertility.

Again, while trait averages may appear lower than usual, this is simply because of the genetic base change, which meant a rollback for all conformation traits of nearly one point, as well as a decrease in production and health traits for every bull in the industry.

Trait averages for the entire group of Alta FutureStar sires

Within the FutureStar group, 15 sires are at 1000 pounds of milk or higher, while 25 sires top out at 2.0 or more for DPR, and 10 bulls will transmit over 1.50 for both PTA Type!

The impressive track record of G-Star and FutureStar teams of bulls give you the confidence and peace of mind that you’re taking advantage of the maximum progress that genetics can bring to your dairy. You can take our word for it, but if you’re looking for more proof, we look to comparisons of genomic versus daughter proofs across the industry for additional assurance.

Our current sires provide an example

If you’re still not sure about putting your faith in a genomic-proven line-up, check out the comparison between our top daughter-proven vs. genomic sires. The impressive group of daughter-proven sires provides a comfortable 2260 TPI average. However, our leading genomic-proven bulls blow that average away by nearly 300 GTPI points.

TPI comparison between December 2014 top daughter-proven and top genomic-proven bulls at Alta.

Because genomics provide real and accurate genetic predictions, our top daughter-proven sires tend to be the former G-Star and FutureStar favorites.

This means you can celebrate this holiday season with total confidence knowing you are maximizing genetic progress by using Alta G-Stars and FutureStars. Be three years ahead of the game today, by making use of the best and brightest genomic proven sires as part of your breeding program.

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