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FY 2016 Budget for EPA Includes Clean Power Plan

President Obama released his nearly $4 trillion federal budget for Fiscal Year 2016. $8.6 billion of that is discretionary funding for the Environmental Protection Agency.  EPA Acting Deputy Administrator Stan Meiburg says the request is about $450 million above this year’s enacted amount and represents the Administration’s “commitment to protecting public health and the environment.”

The budget includes $3.6 billion for community and tribal programs; $1.1 billion for climate change and air quality with the Clean Power Plan a top priority. This sets carbon pollution standards for power plants; the funding will help states, communities and tribes develop infrastructure, technology and capacity to implement the Clean Power Plan.  The budget also creates a $4 billion incentive fund for states to cut additional carbon from the power sector.

The plan seeks $2.3 billion for revolving funds for drinking water. It has $50 million to help communities finance improvements to water and wastewater systems including a couple of projects providing an avenue for private investors to help finance projects.

The President is requesting $528 million to help evaluate environmental and human health impacts related to water quality, air pollution, climate change and biofuels.

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