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Fullwood Launches New Entry Level herringbone Parlor

Fullwood has announced the launch of a new 50-degree herringbone parlor. The new parlor – the Fullwood HB50 – is a swing over, high level parlor designed to provide a high quality solution for increased cow throughput with only one operator.

The new Fullwood HB50 parlor’s layout and design incorporates a number of key features which ensure optimum positioning and control of the cow for both cow and milker comfort.

“The new parlor offers dairy farmers a distinct set of advantages, chief of which is the continuation of Fullwood’s reputation for heavy duty, robust parlor design,” Les Strickland, Sales Manager for Fullwood Ltd explains.

But there are several other key benefits Strickland adds. “The Fullwood HB50 has been designed with affordability in mind, but does not compromise on cows milked per person per hour or on milking performance.”

The Fullwood HB50 is a cost effective solution for an entry level parlor. It owes its reduced cost to a modular design and the use of pre-assembled equipment. As well as making the parlor easy to install on farm, this modular design also reduces installation and commissioning time – a fact which will not be lost on farmers who want to minimize disruption to their herd when switching to a new parlor.

The Fullwood HB50 parlor has also been designed so that all internal equipment is located overhead. This not only reduces operator bending fatigue, but also keeps all ancillary components out of harm’s way.

“Throughout the development of the new parlor, our design team has focused on maintaining our high standards of quality in parlor design; from excellent cow control and operator and cow comfort, to maximum throughput, all at an affordable price,” Strickland continues. “By placing the parlor’s ACRs and pulsation units overhead, the Fullwood HB50 offers excellent reliability and component longevity.”

The Fullwood HB50 parlor can be specified with in-parlor feeders, and is also available with Fullwood’s Flowmatic Plus automatic cluster removal system, which features milk let-down stimulation, milk flow rate monitoring and milk/cleaning temperature monitoring. The new parlor also features adjustable cluster-cleaning jet plates, which can be speedily folded out of the way when not in use for improved operator ergonomics.

Several Fullwood HB50 parlors have already been installed and commissioned by Fullwood Packo in Ireland. “The HB50 is perfectly suited to a large percentage of Ireland’s family-orientated dairy farms,” Pat O’Shea, General Manager of Fullwood Packo Farm Services Ltd explains. “With a high throughput, low capital requirement and rapid installation, the new parlor design is the perfect solution for farmers looking for high-end performance at an affordable price.

“Fullwood’s dealers throughout Ireland have already installed several HB50 parlors, with farmers benefitting from reduced milking times, better working conditions and improved cattle teat health,” O’Shea adds.

One of those farmers is Miah Twomey from Bandon in County Cork, Ireland. “I’m completely happy with the new parlor,” Twomey explains. “It works exactly as I wanted it to, and importantly, was competitively priced. Milking through the new parlor is now a much less time consuming process, which means I am able to expand the herd.”

Source: Fullwood

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