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Friends of Andrea Crowe Fundraiser


This Fundraiser is in the books, thanks to all the consignors & buyers of all the lots it was a great success with over $83,000 raised for Andrea to assist her to go to the Mayo Clinic. Good luck Andrea we are thinking of you and your family and we wish you well.

We will have more information & photos from the event tomorrow, but we would like to mention that the framed print of the Mount Victoria Barn was purchased by Peter English of the Holstein Journal for $4500. Peter English is a well respected member of the Canadian & International Holstein Fraternity & has been a long time promoter of Canadian Holsteins & Breeders through the Holstein Journal. Peter not only purchased this print but indicated that it should be hung in Andrea’s Barn at Broad Cove/ Hi-Calibre Holsteins to await her return!

Thanks to all the supporters of this worth while event.

Cash Donations

Elgin Craig & family
John and Karen Buckley
Gerald coughlin & Jason Mell
Mike & Alison West
John & heather Werry
Michael heath
Aaron & caitlin Eaton
Ethan McMillan
Martin Roberge
Richard Villeneuve
Bryce seaborn
Steve & John Velthuis
Stephane tardif
Marie-Philip Brisson
Frank Putman
Rick Shaw
Greg Mclean
Gary Jebson
Scott Buckley
Patrick Baird
John & Alice Devries
Gord and Patti Sharp
Tom Hawman
Don Donnan
Cybel Fisher
Bob Crowe
Neil Hyde
Mike & Jessica Phoenix

Andrea Crowe, Broad Cove & Hi-Calibre Holsteins, has been in hospital since last August. To assist the family with the financial burdens associated with Andrea’s illness, a fundraiser is being organized.

Brian and Amber Craswell will be hosting an auction during the social following the Atlantic Summer Classic on August 11th at 7:00 om at the Cymbria Lions Club, 2184 Church Road, Rustico, PEI.

Exciting Embryo Lots Include:
1 Gloryland-I Goldwyn Locket x Mogul, donated by Crasdale, Tuytel & Walkerbrae
4 Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze x MAS, donated by Eastside & Lewisdale
4 Eastside Lewisdale Dundee Abel x Goldsun, donated by Lindenright & Bellton
3 Eastside Lewisdale Avery x Golwyn, donated by Don Fraser
3 Jacobs Goldwyn Joyce x Numero Uno, donated by Ferme Jacobs
1 Weeksdale Goldwyn Raleigh x Windbrook, donated by Blair Weeks
1 Weeksdale Allen Lolita x Goldwyn, donated by Blair Weeks
2 Lookout Elmbridge Lady Rouge x Redburst, donated by Lookout & Tuytel
2 Hurtgenlea Janet x Stanley Cup, donated by Ferme Blondin
3 Hammingview Goldwyn Marty x Windbrook, donated by WestGen
2 MS Chassity Alexa Chanel x Dempsey, donated by Ferme Paninou
1 Heatherholme Gibson Jolene x Windbrook, donated by Glen MacNeil
5 Maplewood Million Bombi x Stanleycup, donated by Ferme Gillette
2 Sunnylodge Goldwyn Shakeela x sexed Stanley Cup, donated by Sunnylodge Holsteins
4 Bulstrode Rihanna Chapter x Goldsun, donated by Belcher Holsteins
2 x Crestlea Souvergn Elizabeth x Sid, donated by Winright Holsteins
2 Jerian-I Durham Radieuse x Goldwyn, donated by Cobequid Holsteins
1 Lexis Aspen Carol x Goldwyn donated by Bernadale Holsteins
6 Genervations Alexander Lilly x Sudan, donated by Maplewood, O’Connors & GenerVations
Also 2 Embryos from Tom & Laury Degroot (to be announced)

In addition there will be:

Full Page Color Ad, donated by Cowsmopolitan
Full Page Ad Design, donated by Cowsmopolitan (can be used in other publications)
2 $500 GenerVations Semen Vouchers, donated by GenerVations
10 dose Colt 45, donated by Jetstream Genetics
10 doses Fever , donated by EastGen
10 doses Brawler, donated by Semex
Mount Vic Photo, donated by Suntor Holsteins
Website design & hosting, donated by The Bullvine
Full Page Color Ad, donated by Atlantic Holstein News

The fundraiser has also received many generous cash contributions. If you are interested in making such a donation please send your cheque payable to Atlantic Holstein News, PO Box 191 Truro, NS B6L 2E2. Please indicate on the cheque it is for the Friends of Andrea Crowe Fundraiser. (No tax receipts will be issued)

We hope you will be able to join us in PEI for a wonderful weekend of Holstein events including the Island Heatwave Sale featuring the Elite of Crasdale on August 10th, the Atlantic Summer Classic and the Social and Friends of Andrea Crowe Fundraiser on August 11th. The social will begin with PEI Mussels at 6:30 followed by a meal.

For more information on the ‘Friends of Andrea Fundraiser & Social’ please contact Angela Masters at [email protected], or Brian Craswell at [email protected], or Amber Craswell at [email protected]

Donation from the Sundborg Family – The photo was taken by Sheila Sundborg of the famous Mount Victoria barns in Hudson, Quebec.
Bloyce Thompson a creative pedigree man along with Auctioneer Brian Craswell & ringmen Isaac Lancaster and Tyler Doirion
Bloyce Thompson takes phone bid from Peter English
Angela Masters key to organizing event along with Brian & Amber Craswell
Joseph OCallaghan & Ken Boyd from Ireland also consignors
Vicki Fletcher & Matt Enright discuss some of the lots
Jeff Stephens & Les Terpstra joins Holstein world table with Allen VanGorter, Frank Putnam & Randy blodgett
wayne & Dave Dickieson & Callum McKinven amoung crowd
Robert Buote & Brian Masters
Jeff Stephens, Simon Lalande & Brian Craswell
Isaac Lancaster (UK) and Agustin Celis Romero (Spain) big supporter


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