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French Farmers Protest Milk Prices

French farmers have once again voiced their disapproval of the supermarket monopoly and falling milk prices.

Last night in 20 minutes, 20 tractors, trailers and an army of French farmers raided the shopping carts of leading supermarkets in the area, and dumped them on Le boulevard du Roi-Réne, The Farmers have issued supermarkets with a stark warning if prices do not improve by September, they will take to block strategic sites that will cripple the supermarkets.

Hundreds of supermarkets carts were dumped outside the prefecture by farmers last night.

It is an event that is within the reach of anybody. “What efficiency! There are only you farmers who can do this, “mentions Emmanuel Lachaize, general secretary of the FDSEA, to roughly 200 to 300 farmers  who were present to vent their anger at the prefecture.
Last night in twenty minutes, twenty tractors with buckets robbed carts from four large supermarkets of the Angers area: Carrefour Saint-Serge Leclerc Saint-Jean-de-Linières, Géant Casino and Auchan. 
Yesterday, hundreds of carts were emptied at the gates of the prefecture, the Roi-René Boulevard “This is a warning to the retail, they must understand that this has gone on long enough,” warns Mr. Lachaize.
On the overturned wagons, farmers sat down to listen Christiane Lambert, Vice President of the FNSEA, Jean-Marc or Lézé, President of the Anjou Federation. There Laurent, dairy farmer in Mouliherne: “Every morning when I start milking in  my parlor, I’m losing money,” he said disillusioned. Or the farmer Segréen: “We are in full harvest, you really believe that if it was going well in the country, we would be standing here?”.
“Their carts, they can come back and retrieve them themselves” Mr. Lachaize launched. Carrefour, Leclerc and company will do with spreading slurry on the carts. “The great distribution, it was decided to treat them as they treat us.”
And Christiane Lambert prevent the demonstrators: “If prices do not rise in September, during the  big rush, strategic sites will be blocked off.. And we will need you all friends. ”

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Source: le Courrier de Louest
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