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Frankstyle Holsteins Classification Highlights

Maroch Chief Idol VG-86 ©Frankstyle Holsteins

It was a superb classification round recently for Frankstyle Holsteins! Congratulations on a great round!

Holstein Classification Highlights
1st calf 

  • Frankstyle Apple Crisp Elsa VG-86
  • Maroch Chief Idol VG-86
  • Frankstyle Apple Crisp June VG-85 owned with Pierre Boulet
    Red premiere from the family of Loyalynn Goldwyn June EX 97 6 E 3 *
  • Frankstyle Unix Ida VG-85
  • Frankstyle Apple Crisp Lorena Rae GP-84
  • Frankstyle Apple Crisp Elsie GP-83
  • Frankstyle Tonka Quinta GP-83
  • Frankstyle Diamondback Winter GP-83 owned with Ferme Karobert
  • Arolene Avalanche Elegance GP-82
  • Frankstyle Chief Party GP-82
  • Frakstyle Golden Dream Dellie VG-88 3 calves
  • Frankstyle Diamondbach Rosa VG-86 3 calves

Multiple Excellents

  • Kingsway Goldwyn Alejandro EX-91 5E 10 and a half years old
  • Hodglynn Windbrook Anistasia EX-91 4E
  • Frankstyle Gilespy Lorenda Rae EX-90 2E

Jersey Classification Highlights
New Excellents

  • Ratliff Premier Angela EX 91 owned with Pierre Boulet
    Grand Champion St-Agapit 2021
  • Avonlea Premier Vacation EX-90
  • Avonlea Nuance Dark Night VG-86 2nd calf
  • Frankstyle Barnabas Vicky GP-83 1 calf
  • Karobert-Frank casino Alice GP-82 1 calf
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