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Foremost Farms USA Provides Robust Internship Experience to Fourteen Students

Foremost Farms is pleased to announce fourteen interns from twelve different universities are participating in its summer internship program. The interns, who joined the program in June, will spend their time building peer relationships and their personal portfolios as they collaborate on projects throughout the cooperative. Now in its fifteenth year, the internship program continues to enhance students’ education with valuable experiences as they work alongside the established Food and Dairy industry professionals at Foremost Farms.

ForemostForemost Farms is providing robust career experience for students in a variety of career paths in the Baraboo headquarters and the Appleton and Marshfield plants. “We can offer our interns a wide variety of learning experiences because we have every department needed to run any major business, including HR, IT, finance, communications, procurement and supply chain and sales operations,” said SVP and CHRO Lori Wall of Foremost Farms. “We also offer unique or specialized positions for a cooperative or the dairy industry, like dairy analytics, cheese technology, member services, milk marketing, continuous improvement, and plant engineering.”

The internship program provides experience collaborating on real projects in a hands-on learning environment working with industry leaders. The program offers a richer experience for students than just building their professional portfolios; tenured mentors at Foremost Farms build collaborative methods and networking opportunities into the intern’s programs, enabling them to build peer relationships and make bonds with their fellow interns and coworkers that will last throughout their careers.

Because of the positive career experience and company, Foremost Farms often hires their past interns for full-time positions. Several of the cooperative’s current employees began their careers as interns at Foremost Farms, in roles that include plant leaders, safety engineers, senior cost accountants and more.

“Foremost Farms is dedicated to providing outstanding experiences for students to jump-start their careers,” said Greg Schlafer, President and CEO of Foremost Farms. “Helping students build their love of this industry has positive long-term results for us and the industry.”

Foremost Farms values solving problems with innovation, and the internship program contributes to that aspect of the business. Interns can bring a new perspective to the scene, using their fresh eyes to help solve problems and build momentum for the business in a positive way.

About Foremost Farms USA

Foremost Farms USA® is a world-class supplier of cheese, dairy products, and ingredients to national and international markets. It offers innovative solutions, technical services and customized products, ingredients and packaging for foodservice, food processing, distributor and pharmaceutical customers. As a dairy cooperative, it is owned by approximately 1,000 dairy farmers located in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. Foremost Farms’ flexible, diverse plant network allows it to manufacture the products and ingredients that are most in demand and provide a strong, secure market for the member-owners’ milk. For more information call 800-362-9196. 

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