Following the December sire summary Accelerated Genetics is excited to provide a diverse Holstein line-up of proven and GeneFORCE sires. – Cowsmo

Following the December sire summary Accelerated Genetics is excited to provide a diverse Holstein line-up of proven and GeneFORCE sires.

New graduate 014HO06344 Pirate sails to front of a diverse Holstein line-up.014HO06344 Pirate, an elite udder specialist who sports a quality pedigree package, leads out the December class. His supporting cast excels in a variety of different areas to suit any producer’s needs.

Pirate, a Planet son with a Boss Iron dam,propels into the proven scene as an udder specialist, sporting a +2.90 UDC. His daughters are recognizable by phenomenal rear udders with a deep cleft, and a long smoothly blended fore udder. To compliment these quality udders, he transmits tall, strong frames. Pirate records an impressive +3.00 PTAT. Furthermore, his daughters display excellent fat yields (+63 Fat).

Pirate’s dam is classified Excellent-93, being Excellent in both Feet & Legs and Mammary System and has completed four high component records including 5-06 2x 327d 31970M 3.6% 1166F 3.2% 1024P. The grandam is a Very Good-87 with a pair of elite milk records, the third dam is a Very Good-88 Encore daughter and the fourth dam is Very Good as well. Pirate has an EX-90 maternal sister that is sired by FBI. Backed with a solid pedigree, production and type, Pirate offers a great package. Also, he tests negative for all Haplotypes and genetic recessive traits.

Joining Pirate as a newly released proven sire is 014HO06449 Rest another Planet son. His proof spells profit as he boasts high production numbers (+627 NM$, +637 Cheese Merit $, +1345 Milk). Rest is a calving ease specialist (5.7% Sire Calving Ease) and sires moderate sized, durable long-lasting daughters (+5.8 PL, +1.1 DPR).

Rest’s dam, Ke-Holtz O Man Fantasy, produced an impressive record over 37,000M 4.6% 1,700F 3.3% 1,252P and scored Excellent-91. The granddam is sired by BW Mashall and is classified 2E Excellent-90 being excellent in both Feet & Legs and Mammary System. She was another high producer with five elite lactations and lifetime totals over 149,000M. The third dam is classified Excellent-91 and the next dam is Very Good-87.

014HO07296 Racer sprinted into the GeneForce line-up in August 2013 as the fourth ranked genomic sire available. Now in December, he displays the same attractive blend of production, type, and health traits appealing for genomic heifer or cow matings. Racer displays an impressive +2482 TPI and 6.2 % Sire Calving Ease. He offers a unique sire stack (Lexor X Observer x Ramos) that consists of no Shottle or Bolton.

Several other recently proven sires will make an impact in the Accelerated Genetics line-up. 014HO06276 Garfield offers a unique pedigree (Socrates x Jet Stream x Lancelot), positive productive life (+2.9), and a quality blend of type and production traits. 014HO06312 Trumpet specializes in components (+34 fat, +29 Protein), calving ease (5.9% Sire Calving Ease), productive life (+5.1), and transmits superior udders (+2.23 UDC).

014HO06338 Upstate is another outcross pedigree (AltaArmstead x Tredway x Die-Hard) with a great combination of production and health traits. 014HO06348 Tristan is protein improver (+60 protein) with a high cheese merit (+621).

The December sire summary was also generous to 014HO06234 Azon who saw gains in many traits. Azon displays quality numbers for TPI (+2018), Milk (+1522), NM $ (+562) and PL (+5.3). 014HO06393 Lobo rounds out a group of profit improving sires with a +2030 TPI and quality production and health traits.

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