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First Australian cow to achieve EX97

Fairvale Morty Lady 51, jointly owned by Lisa and Will McKay of Linsand-V
Holsteins, Victoria, and Lindsay and Sandra Thompson, Linsand Holsteins, Tasmania, has been recognised by Holstein Australia as the highest classified cow in Australia.

Purchased from breeders Ross and Leanne Dobson of Fairvale Holsteins as a 2-½ year old, the 12- year-old Fairvale Morty Lady 51 is in her 7th lactation and achieved EX97 points (EX97-5E). Morty Lady 51 is also a twice International Dairy Week Champion (2011 and 2014).

Lisa McKay has been blown away by the reaction to Morty Lady 51’s classification:
‘It’s been incredible. We’ve had hundreds of calls and messages from all round the world. She is a very special animal. With most dairy cows reaching their peak at between 4 to 6 years old, not only did she win IDW at the age of 9, but has gone on to achieve Australia’s highest ever classification at the age of 12,’ says Lisa.

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Fairvale Morty Lady 51 photo provided by Holstein Australia


Holstein Australia uses the internationally recognised Linear Evaluation System to provide an objective, consistent and accurate method of conformation assessment. Twenty-two traits are compiled into 4 composite scores: Mammary system, Feet and Legs, Dairy Strength and Rump. These scores are then combined to calculate a conformation score out of 100, with each composite weighted according to its significance in predicting productivity, longevity and lifetime profitability.

Classification Supervisor at Holstein Australia, Leanne Summerville, says: ‘She is without doubt the best cow I’ve seen in Australia. She just takes your breath away. Great capacity, outstanding udder and real strength with dairyness, and she just keeps getting better with age.’ Graeme Gillan, Holstein Australia CEO, believes that Fairvale Morty Lady 51 represents the pinnacle of the breed.

‘This cow comes from generations of high performing cows and has been exceptionally well managed over the years. To achieve EX97 points as a 12 year old is incredible, and given her history, underlines the fact that cattle of a better conformation have proven to be more productive, less demanding and longer living. The beauty of this animal now is the progeny she can produce and the herd
improvement role she can play,’ says Graeme.

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