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Finish Weights on Holstein Steers

Finish weights on Holstein steers have been increasing for a variety of reasons.

Some of the reasons are:

  • increasing size of Holstein cows
  • management and rations used to feed the steers
  • feed costs compared to sale prices of the cattle
  • and others


It is possible to feed out Holsteins to weights that are too big and may result in some buyers not wanting them.

Dr. Dan Schaefer, Professor and Chair of the UW Animal Science Department, recently presented information on Final Weights and Finishing Holstein Steers at at workshop at the Equity Salebarn in Monroe Wisconsin.

He addresses a variety of topics on how feeding and manageing Holstein Steers, influences final weights and how to adjust management to maximize profits and keep final weights in a size that will minimize risk of discounts and penalties for too large of carcasses.

The presentation can be found HERE.

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