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Fifty-One Excellents Reside at Gorbro Holsteins

Gorbro Holsteins took the time to reflect on the classification scores they have obtained over the last 12 months. They currently have 51 cows classified Excellent on the farm!

Wallumlands Sunstorm 8th EX95 ©Gorbro Holsteins

Classification Highlights
Gorbro Goldwyn Robin

Gorbro Stormatic Robin
Gorbro Sanchez O Shimmer
Gorbro Atwood Shimmer owned with BRM and Bromac
Glenorleigh Lauthority Mildred
Fleyas Medallion Cherry owned with Alexz Crawford

Gorbro Heavenly Shimmer
Gorbro Bradnick Tiffany
Glenorleigh Dundee Livia
Hawova Windhammer Tamie

Murribrook Reginald Victory 3rd lact Owned with Avonlea Holsteins
Avonlea-YF Doorman Connie 3rd lact
Avonlea Lady Ruby
Gorbro Total Gain Kassie 3rd Lact Ownedby Alexz Crawford
Gorbro Goldwyn O Shimmer
Gorbro Aftershock Slave
Horizon Windbrook Leyla
Eagle Ridgel Amazing Pollyanna
Hawova Redburst Jodie Red
Gorbro Atwood Baler 3rd lact
Gorbro Aftershock 3acker 3rd lact
Gorbro Atwood Tiffany
Gorbro CO Kassie
Gorbro Wyman Tiffany

EX90 3rd lactation
Avonlea Golden Faye
Murribrook Savior Violet
Gorbro Archsandup Shommer
Gorbro Damion Hope
Gorbro Dreams Patrice
Gorbro Shimdream Roletha

2nd Lactation cows
Gorbro ArchRo Kassie VG89
Gorbro Solodee Livia VG89
Eclipse A1 Crush Princess VG89 Owned with Flanagan Marketing Services
BRM Solomon Shimmer VG88 owned with BRM farms
Gorbro Solobrad Tiffany VG88
Gorbro Solomon Palmer VG88
Avonlea Rival Ruth VG88

1st lactation
Mario Park Sidekick Alicia VG87
Gorbro Undernied Unbelievable VG86
Gorbro Shimmers Tatoo VG86
Gorbro Solomon Rosann VG86
Gorbro Tatoo of shimmer VG86
Gorbro King uno Tiffany VG85
Gorbro Doorman Terribe VG85
Gorbro Jacoby Repa VG85
Gorbro Kassies Chief VG85
Gorbro Diamond Darling VG85
Gorbro Maytar Cherry VG85
Gorbro Unix Tiffany 2 VG85
Gorbro Humble Tiffany VG85
Gorbro Unix Shimmer VG85
Gorbro McChief Kassie VG85
Gorbro Cheiftain Tiffany VG85
Gorbro Tatoo Perfume VG85
Gorbro Tatoo Thea VG85
Gorbro Unix Maida VG85
Gorbro Chief Faithful VG85
Gorbro Chief Noni VG85
Gorbro Chief Robin VG85
Gorbro Goodtime Tiffany VG85

Illawarras / Jerseys
Wallumlands Sunstorm 8th EX95 owned with Bacon and Govett
Llandovery JR Joan EX91
Ovensdale Rose 197 EX91
Bushlea Val Fernleaf 21 EX91 3rd lact Owned with Rockstar and Omeara family
Salvation Black Ginger EX 93 owned with Rockstar Spike and Corey Couch

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