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Ferme Messidor has a Great Classification Round

Ferme Messidor from Normandin, Quebec had the classifier visit the farm for the afternoon on August 21st which left them with some nice results!

Classification Highlights

  • Messidor Fitz Lillya VG85
  • Messidor Expander GP83
  • Messidor High Octane Samy GP83
  • Messidor Doorman GP83
  • Messidor High-Octane Flavania 83
  • Messidor Dempsey Scottie GP82
  • Messidor Dempsey Redgie GP82

Second calves

  • Messidor Kingpin Chacala VG88 MS89
  • Messidor Flashy Goldchip VG87
  • Messidor Impression Sammya VG86
  • Messidor Kingpin Nauella VG85
  • Messidor High-Octane Laurensia VG85
  • Messidor Impression Meaurli VG85

Third calves plus+

  • Messidor Doorman Lauremia VG88
  • Berthely Spur Domstar VG88 MS 90
  • Messidor Numero Uno Francy VG87
  • Messidor Pulsar Britsar VG85
  • Messidor Ascend Monyka VG85

Excellent News

  • Mesidor Dempsey Sextia EX90 MS92
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