Ferme Jacobs: Home of 2018 National Champions!

Ferme Jacobs: Home of 2018 National Champions!

Many breeders dream of breeding a Royal Grand Champion, but for Ferme Jacobs that dream has been a reality twice in the past three years! Not only that, but this year they were able to capture titles at two National Shows with two different cows!
The depth of the Jacob’s breeding program was definitely on display on the tanbark trail this fall. After a strong showing at Supreme Laitiere in their home province in August, Ferme Jacobs had 12 animals that they either bred or owned finish in the Top 10 at World Dairy Expo. The trip to Wisconsin also included 1st Senior Breeder’s herd, Intermediate and Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion, and Premier Breeder – a seventh win which ties them for most all-time Premier Breeder wins with Dupasquier Holsteins, ON, & Pinehurst Farms, WI. Jacobs Lauthority Loana would not be denied as she walked away with Senior & Grand Champion, Champion Bred & Owned, and Reserve Supreme Champion.

How could they possibly top these results? Simple. Win Grand AND Reserve Champion with two homebred cows at the Royal. Jacobs Windbrook Aimo has been knocking at the door, winning Honorable Mention Grand at Supreme and 1st 4 Year Old at Expo, it was her time to shine. Not that Loana didn’t look the part, Reserve Champion at the Royal is nothing to sniffle about, but Aimo was flawless.

When I left Toronto, I wondered if anyone had ever accomplished having Grand and Reserve in the same year before, let alone with homebred cows. It seems so incredible, I thought there was no way. Turns out it last happened 49 years ago! A Quebec herd who really needs no introduction is Mount Victoria of Hudson Heights, QC., first accomplished the feat in 1935. That year Montvic Rag Apple Bonheur was Grand at the Royal, a title she’d won in 1934 and would win again in 1936, making her the first 3X Royal winner. Her herdmate, Montvic Champion Abbekerk claimed Reserve Grand that year, with both cows being bred and owned as well. Then in 1969 the Argo Bros., Hamilton, ON, won Grand with Argo Acres Marquis Patsy 4, and Reserve with Argo Acres Xmas Pansy. Coincidentally this was the first time that two sisters were Grand and Reserve!

It’s a feat that we might not see repeated in our lifetime and it shows the tremendous depth of the Jacob’s breeding program. Cowsmo had a chance to chat with the Jacobs’ family about Aimo and Loana, here’s what they had to say:

What are the personalities of Aimo and Loana at home and at shows?
Loana is calm and steady, she’s the same every day. She is a very easy cow to work with and is extremely gentle. At home she gets along with all the other cows and at the show she’s always the most easy-going cow in the string.

L-R: Aimo & Loana – Grand & Reserve Champion Bred & Owned

Aimo is a little more feisty and always stands up for herself, especially at grain time! She is also a great cow to work with and we love her strong individual attitude. Both cows have been in the show string so long now that not much phases them anymore.

What progeny do you have from each of the two cows?
We don’t have any daughters registered from Aimo yet. She is currently bred back for next year and we will be starting IVF work on her soon. Loana has a daughter by Gold Chip and four embryo Solomon daughters that were all born in 2017. Loana will also be bred back for next year and will be on an IVF program as well.

What do you think really makes these cows special?
Aimo and Loana are special for many reasons but the main reason is that they are natural cows. They don’t take a lot of work to get ready on show day, they do it themselves! Day in and day out on the farm they always look great and are low maintenance, “real” cows. They are also special to us because they are daughters of other great cows that we’ve bred on the farm and worked with for many years. They come from families that we’ve developed over time to the point of becoming winners; this is not the work of just one year, but of many to reach the point that these cows have.

How many times have you won Premier Breeder at the Royal?
Seven including this year!

What advice would you give young breeders who admire your breeding program?
Work hard and follow your dreams! Always raise the bar of your goals higher and higher as you go.

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