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Ferme de la Plaine Holsteins Celebrate Their First EX-96 Cow

Ferme de la Plaine Holsteins recently hosted the classifier and have some impressive new scores to show for it. Making it a “day to remember for a long time” was Delaplaine AltaSuplex Shipping who is the first cow at the farm to score EX-96. Shipping combines the best of both worlds as she exhibits great show type (placing 2nd in the production cow class at the Quebec Holstein Spring Show 2023) and holds her own at home too with a lifetime record over 100,000 kg. Congratulations to the team at Ferme de la Plaine Holsteins!

Delaplaine AltaSuplex Shipping, now EX 96 5E!

Additional classification highlights: 

1st lactation:
Alligator Venus VG 86
Alligator Sierra VG 86
(Copropriété ferme Persil)
Milehigh Lexa VG 85
Jacobs King Doc Cavalia VG 85
Mirand Clam VG 85
Alligator Salto VG 85
Epic Jenn VG 85
King Royal Sima VG 85
Unix Abella VG 85
2 x GP 84
8 x GP 83

2nd lactation:
Unix Tinkerbell VG 88
Apple Crisp Linn VG 87
Angler Jaylynn VG 87
King Doc Savanah VG 86
Unstopabull Lindy VG 86
Farwell Chloe VG 85
Mirand Shannon VG 85
Jacoby Vircon VG 85

3 lactations or more:
Altasuplex Shipping EX 96 5E
Diamondback Jasmine EX 92 2E
Impression Diva EX 90
Boulet Impression Come To Me EX 90
Apple Crisp Liveen VG 88
Control Satina VG 88
Dempsey Affinity VG 88
Winbrook Aerina VG 88
Impression Austral VG 87
Milehight Shadow VG 86
Unix Lottie VG 85
Jacoby Veto VG 85

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