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Ferme Cerpolait Classification Highlights

After a fantastic classification round at Ferme Cerpolait their herd stats now consist of 14 EX, 41 VG & 19 GP!

Classification Highlights

©Ferme Cerpolait

3rd calf+

  • Weeksdale Gold Lace EX 94 (SM 96)
  • Pierstein Atwood Dakota EX-92 (MS 94) Owned with Ferme Pierre Boulet
  • Cerpolait Windbrook Victory EX-91
  • Cerpolait Camelot Macadam EX
  • Cerpolait Druce Guiness VG-87

2nd calf

  • Cerpolait Doorman Fantastic VG-88
  • Cerpolait Rozduke Regliss VG-88
  • Cerpolait Jacoby Remix VG-88 (MS EX)
  • Cerpolait Devour Vitality VG-87
  • Lolysily Denim Chewing Gum VG-87
  • GMG Windbrook Maricoe VG-87 owned with Jonathan Lehouiller
  • Cerpolait Beemer Daytona VG-85

1st calf

  • Cerpolait Hezekiah Laurabel VG-85
  • Cerpolait Chief Jaynisse GP-84
  • Cerpolait Undenied Justine GP-84
  • Cerpolait Milehigh Bahamas GP-83
  • Cerpolait High Octane Wallaroo GP-83
  • Reyncrest Diamondback Campbell GP-83
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