Ferme Boulet Classifies an Incredible Round

Ferme Boulet Classifies an Incredible Round

Master Breeder herd, Ferme Boulet recently had the classifier out to score what looks to be an incredible group of cows!

𝟏st Lactation

  • Boulet Delta Chinook VG-85
  • Boulet Mirand Moodies VG-85
  • Boulet Doorman Anouk VG-85
  • Boulet Lautrust Chevy VG-85
  • Boulet Unix Mirage VG-85
  • Boulet Impression Amarilla VG-85
  • Showtime Applecrisp Fabbie VG-85
  • Showtime Hancock Feather VG-85

2nd Lactation

  • Boulet Control Evening VG-89 MS-89 owned with Jean-Philippe Charest
  • Boulet Apple Crisp Clueless VG-87
  • Boulet Gold Chip Chocolate VG-87
  • Boulet Living Cheeks VG-87
  • Boulet Gold Chip Enjoy VG-86
  • Boulet Nirvana Summer VG-86
  • Boulet Living Colly VG-85
  • Boulet Milehigh Royale VG-85
  • Boulet Caliber Chin Chin VG-85
  • Boulet Lambda Chelsia VG-85
  • Boulet Goldwyn Geek VG-85
  • Boulet Capital Gain VG-85

3rd Lactation

  • Boulet Brady Cate EX-92
  • Boulet Solomon Eloise EX
  • Boulet Ronaldo Confity EX
  • Desnette Lily Novo VG-87
  • Intense Gen Doorman Elyse EX-91 2E
  • Boulet Lauthority Cassiope EX-MS94 3E
  • Boulet Shaw Daurel EX 4E
  • Mariejadine Windbrook Peach EX 3E
  • Don-Mair Brewmaster Pabst EX-92 4E
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