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Ferme Boulet Classifies an Incredible Round

Master Breeder herd, Ferme Boulet recently had the classifier out to score what looks to be an incredible group of cows!

𝟏st Lactation

  • Boulet Delta Chinook VG-85
  • Boulet Mirand Moodies VG-85
  • Boulet Doorman Anouk VG-85
  • Boulet Lautrust Chevy VG-85
  • Boulet Unix Mirage VG-85
  • Boulet Impression Amarilla VG-85
  • Showtime Applecrisp Fabbie VG-85
  • Showtime Hancock Feather VG-85

2nd Lactation

  • Boulet Control Evening VG-89 MS-89 owned with Jean-Philippe Charest
  • Boulet Apple Crisp Clueless VG-87
  • Boulet Gold Chip Chocolate VG-87
  • Boulet Living Cheeks VG-87
  • Boulet Gold Chip Enjoy VG-86
  • Boulet Nirvana Summer VG-86
  • Boulet Living Colly VG-85
  • Boulet Milehigh Royale VG-85
  • Boulet Caliber Chin Chin VG-85
  • Boulet Lambda Chelsia VG-85
  • Boulet Goldwyn Geek VG-85
  • Boulet Capital Gain VG-85

3rd Lactation

  • Boulet Brady Cate EX-92
  • Boulet Solomon Eloise EX
  • Boulet Ronaldo Confity EX
  • Desnette Lily Novo VG-87
  • Intense Gen Doorman Elyse EX-91 2E
  • Boulet Lauthority Cassiope EX-MS94 3E
  • Boulet Shaw Daurel EX 4E
  • Mariejadine Windbrook Peach EX 3E
  • Don-Mair Brewmaster Pabst EX-92 4E
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