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Feet and Leg session part of the DairyProfit Seminars

In addition to six DairyProfit Seminars at the Aug. 5-7 Empire Farm Days, there will be a special Tuesday-only session on practices to encourage sound feet and legs in dairy cows.

At 1pm on August 5 at Rodman Lott and Sons Farms in Seneca Falls in the DairyProfit Center at the largest outdoor agricultural trade show in the Northeast, dairyman Brad Cates of Co-Vale Farms, Preble, N.Y., hoof trimmer Joyce Thomas of Rome, N.Y., and recently-retired Holstein classifier Dick Wright of Stanley, N.Y., will share their insights for a practical understanding of maintaining healthy hooves and legs in dairy cows.

The seminar is co-sponsored by the New York Holstein Association and is free to attend.

Admission to Empire Farm Days is free, parking is $10. Find more info on dairy seminars, other educational program, equipment, crops, and live animal demonstrations, and 300 acres of exhibits and activities online at Empire farm days.

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