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Feed Efficiency Webinar Presented by BoviNews

Bovinews launched their most recent webinar yesterday which featured four experts who help define feed efficiency and how to improve this important metric through genetics and management practices. Panelists included:

  • Dr. Joel Pankowski, Arm & Hammer Animal & Food Production, who discusses how to measure feed efficiency on dairy operations
  • Dr. Kent Weigel, University of Wisconsin-Madison, informs the audience about the new Feed Saved trait
  • Juan Moreno, ST Genetics, gives an overview of the company’s EcoFeed product and its application
  • Tim Clark, a dairy producer from Ontario, provides insights on how he measures and tracks feed efficiency on his dairy.

View the webinar on their YouTube channel

Their next webinar for dairy producers will focus on building a succession plan and will air on February 24 at 9 am. Watch for more information in the coming days on this resource.


Provided by BoviNews

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