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FDL Barcelona “Staggering” Debut

FDL Barcelona

FDL Barcelona, bred by FDL Jerseys, Coaticook, Quebec, last week (7th April) emerged as the number two (#2) listed Canadian-bred sire and the number ten (# 10) proven listed GLPI sire in the recent Canadian sire evaluation-run.  FDL Barcelona offers Canadian GLPI figures of +1860; +823kgs milk, +51kgs fat (+0.10%) and +41kgs protein (+0.11%) and +7 on Conformation score and a Pro$ value of +2044.

The bull graduated with an astonishing 101 daughter widespread proof on his debut; considered twice and thrice the norm for a Jersey breed sire in the modern genomic era. The bull’s enormous popularity within Canada, resulted in Barcelona having listed as the #1 genomic listed sire by female progeny registrations for two consecutive years by breed society, Jersey Canada.

FDL Barcelona, born in 2015, previously listed as the #1 gLPI available sire on four occasions. The bull has over 1,000 female progeny listed on the Lactanet /Canadian Dairy Network website according to FDL’s Remi Guay. He said: “Canadian-breeders have continued to use Barcelona since the bull was made available in 2016. The ongoing widespread use of Barcelona has been a tremendous vote of confidence for Canadian pure-bred Jersey cattle-breeding.

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“We are delighted Barcelona’s debut evaluation ranks the bull as the second highest Canadian-bred sire on the April 2020 domestic listing. The bull has 101 records in his debut evaluation resulting in 90% reliability. Barcelona transmits significant increases on type offering +7 on Conformation score; +8 Mammary system, +5 Feet and Legs and +6 on Rump, based upon 59 classified daughters in 41 herds. The bull averages 85% Good Plus and Better with an average score of 81.8 points.

“Since the evaluation-run cut-off date, Barcelona has added an additional 15 classified daughters but on-farm classification has since been suspended due to Coronavirus. Barcelona’s update information has 74 scored Canadian-bred daughters having an 85% Good Plus and Better average,” states Remi.

Remi Guay and Renee Hamel and their young family, farm at Coaticook, Quebec, and operate a 60-cow Jersey herd under the Groupe Fleur-de-Lys (FDL) prefix. A first-generation dairy farmer, Remi started milk production in October 2009, starting with a small herd of five FDL foundation heifers, and the couple have continued to invest in milk quota; land, machinery and animals.

The FDL syndicate began as a cattle-breeding partnership between Remi and Bruce Jobson in April 2007, with the purchase of a six-month-old heifer calf, Lencrest Iatola Fleur, the third dam of FDL Barcelona. Commenting on the recent success of the evaluation-run, UK-based Mr Jobson said: ““Everyone has been blown-away by the staggering number of progeny emerging in his debut evaluation. Its an immense achievement.

“Some proven Jersey bulls emerge with a limited proof of 25 or 30 daughter records but having over 100 records has resulted in 90% reliability. We can anticipate some ‘drag-back’ due to the sheer numbers in the evaluation albeit with over 1,000 daughters; the bull will have a continuous ‘rolling’ proof. We expect Barcelona to have between 300 – 500 records entering the evaluation in 2020.”

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Mr Jobson has a background in Holstein breeding and had immense Canadian contacts having acted as a PR and Marketing consultant to Drew Sloan OBE, founder and Head of Semex UK. Bruce acted as International Press Co-ordinator at the Canadian Livestock Genetics Association Visioning Conference (CLGA) at Ottawa in November 2006, an event attended by press delegates from 25 countries.

He returned to Canada in February 2007 with the view to establish a Jersey breed genetics programme based in Quebec and recruited Marie-Claire Girod of Jersey Quebec as advisor. Ms Girod suggested Remi and Bruce become cattle-breeding partners and Groupe Fleur-de-Lys (FDL) began to take shape in April 2007 with the purchase of six-month old heifer calf, Lencrest Iatola Fleur.

FDL has now bred three sires that have all ranked in the Canadian top 15 domestic sire listing including FDL Bieber, FDL Maid in Canada and now, FDL Barcelona. Foundation cow, Lencrest Iatola Fleur VG also bred FDL Minister S Blessing Ex 92 4E, the former #1 listed Canadian Conformation cow. FDL also bred the #3 LPI cow of the Jersey breed, FDL Premier Belle VG87, the dam of Barcelona.

FDL Barcelona has been marketed in Canada and internationally by Ontario-based genetics company, Semex Alliance. In the UK, the bull has over 333 registered progeny. Barcelona’s first ten (10) UK daughters have scored 90% GP or Better and average 84 points.

For further information contact Remi Guay
Telephone number: 819-578-3229


Written and provided by Bruce Jobson Associates / Bernicia Media

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