FCC Young Farmer Summit Connects Young Canadian Farmers

FCC Young Farmer Summit Connects Young Canadian Farmers

Farm Credit Canada (FCC) encourages farmers under the age of 40 to take control of their business journey while igniting their passion and enthusiasm for Canadian agriculture at the FCC Young Farmer Summit.

“The energy and enthusiasm that the younger generation brings to these events is exactly what Canadian agriculture needs to tap into in order for the industry to continue to grow and thrive,” said Michael Hoffort, FCC president and CEO, in announcing a series of eight free events across Canada aimed at engaging young farmers, as well as agri-food and agribusiness entrepreneurs.

FCC Young Farmer Summit is for people under age 40 who are either working in the industry or pursuing a career in agriculture through education. The event is a forum for outstanding speakers to share their knowledge and common love for the industry. It’s an opportunity for young people to connect, become inspired and exposed to new perspectives in agriculture.

In the coming months, FCC Young Farmer Summit will feature presentations from: Dr. Tom Deans, intergenerational wealth transfer expert; Stephanie Holmes-Winton, founder and CEO of CacheFlo; and Ashlyn George, adventurer, travel writer and speaker.

Expectations, duty and tradition are three common reasons why the next generation joins the family business. But these same reasons can make staying on the farm emotionally complex. Dr. Tom Deans brings alive the ideas in his New York Times best-selling book Every Family’s Business to challenge what you thought you knew about transitioning your family farm and family wealth.

For more details on upcoming events, visit the FCC Young Farmer Summit webpage.


Source: Ontario Farmer

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