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Farmers furious over Tesco’s advertising mistake

Farmers are furious with Tesco after the supermarket used a beef cow in one of its milk adverts.

Tesco has now scrapped its national advertising campaign, designed to highlight a drop in the price of a four-pint bottle of milk.

The advert showed pictures of Hereford-cross cows, which are bred for their meat, not milk.

Farmer Richard Yates, who has a herd of 100 Friesian cows, said Tesco was using cows that “would never have been milked in their lives”.

“That shows how out of touch they are and what they think of dairy farmers,” he said.

A Tesco spokesman said as soon as the mistake was spotted new pictures were organised.

He said he could not say how many incorrect posters had been produced or how much the mistake had cost the company.

The mistake has led to many comments on Twitter:

@homefarmhouse: “No surprise @metrouk reporting Tesco milk ad campaign photo beef & not dairy cows. Big supermarket no understanding of farming or countryside.”

@marketinglights: “Holy Cow! How can #tesco use a wrong type of cow in their #ads? Time 2 get rid of #Shutterstock culture of marketing.”

@StephenOD: “Whoops! Milk from a Beef cow… Now that’s clever! #Tesco milk promotion has a bit of a bovine identity crisis.”

Source: North Devon Journal



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