Fairmont LLC Classification Highlights

Fairmont LLC Classification Highlights

It was a fantastic Classification round at Fairmont LLC with highlights including Miss Apple Andralyn’s new EX-94 with a 94MS and Fairmont-Re Avlnch Febe new MAX scoring at  VG-89!

Miss Apple Andralyn’s EX-94 94MS ©Fairmont

Classification Highlights

VG 2-year-olds

  • Fairmont-RE AVLNCH Febe VG-89
  • Fairmont Drive Laisy VG-88 EX MS
  • Fairmont Avlanche Lazare VG-86 87MS
  • Fairmont Beemer Avril VG-86 87MS
  • Fairmont Avlanche Andy VG-85
  • Fairmont Romero Lost VG-86
  • Fairmont Solomon Vargus VG-85
  • Fairmont Kipper Nastygrl VG-85
  • Ms Opportunity Arya-Red VG-85

2nd calf

  • Savage Leigh Gold Look EX-91 92MS
  • Fairmont-RE AVLNCH Faye VG-88, 90MS
  • Pettitclerc HighOctn Stylish EX-90, 92MS @2-11!
  • Weeksdale Sid Vegas EX-90, 91 MS
  • Fairmont Salvatore Brior VG-87, 92MS
  • Fairmont Jacoby Annie VG-87, 90MS
  • Fairmont Gold Chip Lark VG-86, 87MS 8 day fresh
  • Fairmont Devour Alec-Red VG-86, 88 MS
  • Siemers Samuri Brooke 28307 VG-85

3rd calf +

  • Miss Apple Andralyn EX-94, 94MS
  • Fairmont Rubicon Luck EX-90, 93 MS
  • Muranda Okaliber Laci VG-88, 90MS
  • Fairmont Piledriver Raven VG-86
  • Fairmont Piledriver Rousey VG-87, 90MS
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