Fairmont Farm Hosts Holstein Classifier

Fairmont Farm Hosts Holstein Classifier

The Holstein Classifier visited Fairmont Farm, East Montpelier, VT on October 23rd, with some exciting results, including a total of seven new Excellent cows and seven Very Good 2 Year Olds.
Fairmont Farm Hosts Holstein ClassifierVist the Fairmont Farm Website and Facebook Page

10/23 Classification Results:
7 VG 2 yr Olds
7 new EX!!
72 Total VG Cows
6 EX cows raised!

Here are a few Highlights!!

VT-Pond-View Atwood Lady-ET EX92 92 MS @ 4-10
Lady has calves by-
Doorman (Spring Yearlings next year)
Solomon (April&June calves)
Meridian (September calves)
Beemer (September calf)
Pregnancies by Doorman, Solomon, and Dempsey.
Pedigree: 92 Atwood 94 Jasper, 95 Rubens, 95 Broker

Fairmont Petrone Lavish-ET EX 90 92 MS @ 3-10
Lavish has a Rubicon @2639 GTPI and a Troy @ 2524 GTPI
Lavish will be IVF’ed in the next month
Pedigree: 90 Petrone, 85 Shottle, 86 Goldwyn,
92 Durham,94 Formation, 94 Starbuck Lili

Fairmont Tuffenuff Ridge-ET GP 80 83 MS @ 2-01 2610 GTPI
Scored just 25 days fresh! Ridge is one of the first Rescue daughters to calve.
Ridge has a Bayonet son at Genex that is 2764 GTPI
Ridge has over 30 pregnancies by 9 different bulls!!
Calves by: Delta, Jedi, Damien, and Sharkey

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