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Expo Champions at Home

Our ‘Expo Champions at Home,’ was featured in our 2019 Fall Special.

We’ve all seen the World Dairy Expo champions from this year looking their best, but what are they like at home? We talked to the people behind the cows to learn a bit more about each of the breed champions from 2019.

De La Plaine Bingo Stinger EX-94
Housed at: Blue Spruce Farm, Bridport, VT
“Stinger is a great cow to work with – very consistent and always has a laid back look to her  She seems to enjoy her day and trips to the milking parlor. Every now and then, she likes her head scratched.  With that said, she is no pushover and has a fierce side.  She likes being at the shows but doesn’t like to lead, even though she’s been shown every year of her life!,” according to Nathan Audet.

Stinger is bred back for mid-summer 2020, and if all goes well, the Audets plan to take her to the show circuit again next fall. She will have a few IVF sessions done in the near future to get a few pregnancies, then will enjoy some time off.

Cutting Edge T Delilah EX-95
Housed at: Elite Dairy II, Copake, NY
“Delilah is the kind of cow that any dairyman would always hope for. She is so easy going at thefarm and always ready to go to the next show at anytime. A week after returning home from Expo,she had 107 lbs. milk for the tester, something that she didn’t even have to work hard at doing. Hercalm demeanor can easily be seen in the ring when Kyle parades her around, barely even holdingthe halter!,” commented Ken Main, one of Delilah’s owners and caretakers.

Delilah will be bred again for next show season, with hopes that she will return to the tanbark in 2020. When she settles, she will start on an IVF program.

Valley Gem Atlas Malt-ET EX-92 
Housed at: Valley Gem Farms, Cumberland, WI
Malt’s personality at home is a strong one, to say the least – she’s very dominant!  We joke aroundand tell everyone she has her own pen, but it’s more for the safety of others!  One thing is for sure- never get in between her and food.  She can hear the feed pans being prepped a mile away andis ready to aggressively eat anytime! Though she is aggressive, she’s also low stress, and she doesenjoy the occasional scratches,” smiles Kim Grewe.

Currently, Malt is being bred back and will be entering an IVF program

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-95
Housed by: Kueffner Holsteins, Boonsboro, MD
“She enjoys affection on her own terms” sums it up for Barbara according to caretakers Ernie Kueffner& Terri Packard. She loves to be outside on pasture and chooses that location first over going to her boxstall. “She’s very efficient at turning grass into milk – she won’t dry up if she’s still grazing,” mentionsTerri. Always good to work with on a day-to-day basis, she’s a no nonsense cow to be around.

Barbara is due to be flushed soon to sexed Solomon to fill an embryo order for Japan.

Bri-Lin Valson Spritz EX-94
Housed at: Triple-T, North Lewisburg, OH
“Spritz is the kind of cow that is the same everyday, whether at the farm or at the show,” according toNathan Thomas who cares for Spritz at home and away. “She’s a really easy going, go with the flowkind of cow that will never be the one to ‘pick a fight’ with another cow in the pen!”

Spritz will be shown at The Royal Winter Fair in early November and then will enter an extensive flushprogram to fulfill embryo interest and Picks of Flushes that will sell later this year.




Eichlers MD Blanche EX-90
Housed by: Spungold Farm, Gettysburg, PA
”Blanche is an easy cow to work with, but she does have a mind of her own,” commentsDeanna Bendig, who cares for Blanche along with her husband Dale. “If she wants to go,she will – with or without you! She can be a handful to lead at times. At home, she lives on abedding pack with four other cows, and does like a pat on the head every so often.”

Blanche is pregnant to Hard Core R. Rob Showtime and is due back in June.There are no plans to flush her at this time.




Highcroft Absolute Lily EX-94
Housed at: Eaton Holsteins, Marietta, NY
“She’s a tremendous everyday kind of cow. She never has a bad day and is a really good doer,”comments Aaron Eaton. “She loves her routine, so if something interrupts that routine,she’s strong-willed enough to let you know she’s crabby!”

What’s next: Lily has been serviced to Unstopabull-Red. There’s been lots of embryo interestin her, so if she’s pregnant, she’ll enter IVF with a first mating to Unstopabull-Red.

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