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Exclusive Cogent DG Superstyle Semen for UK Market

Cogent DG Superstyle is set to be launched exclusively to the UK market on the 1st June 2014 giving UK breeders an unprecedented opportunity to use one of the hottest bulls available on the market. This will be the very first Superstyle semen to be used anywhere in the world, and offers UK farmers and breeders the opportunity to get ahead of the rest of the world. To top this he is a full brother to the famous Cogent Supershot.

Boasting an impressive, no-holes linear, Superstyle offers +2.8 Type Merit with +2.5 for Mammary. He is expected to breed daughters with added strength whilst maintaining their dairy quality and finesse. Similar to the bull himself, his genomics suggest he will transmit wide rumps with a slight slope, making him an ideal bull for correcting rump structures. He combines this with an ideal leg set, making him the perfect choice of bull for those wanting to avoid extremely straight legs. Based on the cow family and backed up by his genomics, Superstyle offers great promise of exceptional mammary systems, with exceptional attachments and is likely to improve teat length.

However he offers more than just type. Superstyle combines massive production (+856 Kgs) with positive fertility and is a key Lifespan improver. He also offers positive protein percentage with over 30 Kg of fat, and is also a Somatic Cell Count (SCC) improver. With this he also offers above average body condition score making him a stand out bull for the profit minded farmer who appreciates good quality cows. This results in a final index of £244 PLI.

Similar to his brother, he fairs well on other global indexes such as the US, Canada and Italy. On a US base, he offers +2442 GTPI with +2.85 PTAT. Further breakdown of his US figures are similar to his UK evaluation, boasting exceptional milk (+2277 lbs) with positive Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and Productive Life (PL). He combines this with positive Fat and Protein percentages and a solid Type breakdown.

Combining some of the most sought after bloodlines in modern Holstein breeding, being a Supersire x Superstition x Shottle from the famous Patron Claire family that descends from Vir-Clar Holsteins in the US, he has a complete pedigree boasting eight generations of Very Good (VG) and Excellent (EX) dams. His dam scored VG86 within weeks of calving, and looks promising to develop further later in lactation.

With his superiority in the market place, and this combined exclusive offer to UK breeders and farmers, Cogent DG Superstyle is likely to be a bull that everyone will be talking about. He will be available to purchase exclusively in the UK market for the month of June, and has a RRP of £50, however is available to Cogent Visions customers at a reduced price of £35.

To qualify for the Visions price, customers must have purchased a minimum of 20 straws of Visions progeny test semen in the last 12 months.


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