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Exciting Classification round at Maker Jersey’s

Maker Jersey’s in Rockwood, ON know how to fight the winter blues with their results of an exciting classification round!

Classification Highlights

1st Lactation

  • Maker Gamechanger Dora VG-87
  • Maker Vivitar Jumpstart VG-85
  • Sugar and Spice Fireman Viscosity VG-85 owned with Silvercap purchased in Splash
  • Maker Sherrif Kit Kat GP-84 10 days fresh
  • Batesdale Tequila Snow Skype VG-87 owned by Lauren Barker

2nd Lactation

  • Maker Baileys Vanna VG-88
  • Maker Comerica Vamoose VG-88
  • Maker Ringman Fancypants VG-88
  • Maker Chavez Bedazzled VG-85
  • Irchel Tyler Opal VG-88 owned by Stephanie Matthews
    Plus one revisit

New Exellents

  • Maker Applejack Graphic EX-91

Multiple Excellents

  • Maker Vivitar Greta EX-90 2E
  • Spinglea Topeka Vista EX-90 2E
  • Genesis Comerica Venius EX-90 4E
    Plus a revisit
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