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Exciting Classification at Butlerview

Rockymountain Talent Licorice is up for EX 95 (max score).  The committee will be coming back.  Licorice is fresh watch for her this fall!

Pierstein Goldwyn Frisou went EX 94. She is owned with Frank and Diane Borba.

Cookview Goldwyn Monique went EX 92 (max score) and EX 95 in the mammary. She sells in the International Intrigue next week.

BVK Atwood Arianna went VG 89 (max score) and EX 91 in the mammary.  She was just Intermediate Champion at the IL Champ. Show last week.  She is owned with Frank and Diane Borba.

BVK Atwood Abrianna went VG 88 with an EX 90 mammary.  She was the sale sale topper at the Impact of Ada sale and is a full sister to Abrianna.  She is owned with Ferme Blondin St Placide Quebec.

Co Vista Atwood Desire went VG 86 @ 2 years with an 87 point mammary.  She is now owned by Ferme Blondin and Tim Rauen.

Harvue Planet Evie went VG 87 @ 2 Years.  She is owned by Elite Dairy Genomics LLC.

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