Excellent Results at Ferme Cerpolait

Excellent Results at Ferme Cerpolait

Ferme Cerpolait from Saint-Aimé, Quebec had an excellent classification last week! Their stats now include 18 Excellent, 47 Very Good and 11 Good Plus!

1st calf

  • Jacobs Seaver Jozzy VG-87 Max Score
    (Co-owned with Ferme Jacobs)
  • Cerpolait Atwood lemonade VG-85
  • Cerpolait Milehigh Divine VG-85
  • Cerpolait Doorman Reset VG-85
  • 4 other GP-83

2nd calf

  • Cerpolait Delta Dallas VG-88 (fresh 4 days in milk)
  • Cerpolait Doorman Twitter VG-86
  • GmG Windbrook Maricoe VG-85 (co-owned Jonathan Lehouiller )

3rd calf and +

  • Cerpolait Atwood Jyll EX-93
  • Cerpolait Windbrook Victory EX-90
  • Pierstein Atwood Dakota EX-90 (co-owned with Pierre Boulet)
  • Cerpolait Daddy Verica EX-90 2E
  • Cerpolait Mack Reality EX-90 2E
  • Cerpolait Camelot Macadam VG-87
  • Cerpolait Reginald Relish VG-87


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