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Excellent Classification Round at Ferme Cerpolait

Ferme Cerpolait from St-Aimé, QC, had a recent classification round with some outstanding results! Their herd average is now 14 Excellent, 50 Very Good & 13 Good-Plus.

Classification Highlights

1st calf
Cerpolait Rozduke Régliss VG-86
Cerpolait Doorman Fantastic VG
Cerpolait Devour Vatality VG
Cerpolait Douglas Joleen VG
Cerpolait Beeck Jetlag VG

2nd calves
Cerpolait Civil Star VG-87
Cerpolait Jacoby Jetset VG-86
Cerpolait Druce Shandy VG
Cerpolait Beemer Flower VG

3 calves or more
Cerpolait Equation Wasabi EX-91
Cerpolait Doorman Pinnacle EX
Cerpolait Braxton lady EX
Cerpolait daddy verica EX
Cerpolait Meridian Jaguar EX-91 2E
Cerpolait Loyal Malkin EX 4E
Garay delete ladibye EX-92 2E
Cerpolait Windbrook Roselylie VG-88
Staitside Rollercoaster VG-88 (MS 92)
Piertin Mccutchen Mercedes VG-87

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