Excellent Classification results Penlow Holsteins

Excellent Classification results at Penlow Holsteins

Penlow Holsteins from Almonte, Ontario had a great day with classifier Félix St-Pierre.

Classification Highlights

  • Penlow GeoQuimby Damion EX 90
  • Penlow Cookies Goldchip EX 90
  • Penlow GeoRadar Windbrook EX 91 2E
  • Penlow Georgana Fortune EX 91 6E
  • Penlow GeoMaverick Damion EX 91 2E
  • Nandale Windbrook Congrats EX 902E

Very Good Classification results

  • Penlow Leah Meridian VG 85 2yr
  • Penlow Secret Beemer VG 85 2yr
  • Penlow GeoReckless Sanchez VG 88 3yr
  • Penlow Lola Atwood VG 87 3yr
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