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Excellent Classification results at Accelerated Genetics

Baraboo, Wis. (November 16, 2012) – Accelerated Genetics had outstanding results from their recent Holstein sire classification. Headlining the day was 014HO05434 Jenny-Lou Shottle Trump-ET being approved by a Holstein Classifier Committee for EX-95 at the young age of six years and seven months. In addition to Trump’s exciting news, four bulls were raised to higher levels of Excellent scores, nine new bulls were raised to Excellent scores, and there were many other notable score increases.

Trump was bred by Mystic Valley Dairy, LLC, located in Sauk City, Wis. He is a Shottle son from a VG-88 BW Marshall. His grandam is the world renowned Jenny-Lou Patron Toyane GMD DOM VG-89. Trump ranks 83rd on the top 100 TPI Bull List August, 2012 (+1980 GTPI) with 636 daughters included in his milking evaluation and 240 daughters in his type evaluation.

Sires improving on their Excellent scores were: 014HO04956 Tomlu Oman Dotson-ET raised to EX-94 at eight years and three months, 014HO04916 Lot-O-Rock Oman Jake-ET raised to EX-92 at eight years and five months, 014HO03597 Keystone Potter raised to EX-91 at thirteen years and one month and continues to look great, and 014HO05399 Hammer-Creek Gold Kolton raised to EX-91 at six years and one month.

The new Excellent sires include: 014HO06091 Walhowdon Colby Osric–ET EX-91 at four years and five months, 014HO06251 Hilrose Planet Trooper EX-91 at three years and eight months, 014HO06322 Schilldale Shottle Brett-ET EX-90 at three years and five months, 014HO05382 Lake-Effect Sho Contact-ET EX-90 at six years and nine months, 014HO05935 Echowood Pyro–Red EX-90 at five years, 014HO05962 Jimka Altabaxter Royce-ET EX-90 at four years and eleven months, 014HO06097 Welcome Bax Lightning–ET EX-90 at four years and four months, 014HO06136 Kellercrest Nifty Manning EX-90 at four years and two months, and 014HO05853 Roorda Meridian-ET EX-90 at five years and four months.

Other notable sire classification scores include 014HO06429 Long-Langs OMan-O-Man 2-ETN scored VG-86 at two years and five months – which already surpasses the original 014HO04929 Long-Langs OMan-O-Man who was VG-85. In addition, 014HO04924 Bomaz Oman Kramer 561-ET scored VG-88 at eight years and five months, 014HO05936 Coyne-Farms Bolton Dom-ET scored VG-88 at five years and 014HO06040 Sildahl My Space Shottle scored VG-87 at four years and seven months, 014HO06627 K-Star Latroy-ET scored VG-86 at two years and five months, 014HO06809 Canyon-Breeze At Airlift-ET scored VG-85 at one year and eleven months and 014HO06047 Lars-Acres Felices Favre-ET scored VG-85 at four years and seven months.

For more information about Accelerated Genetics sires and to view photos and video, visit Accelerated Genetics website at www.accelgen.com or contact Accelerated Genetics at [email protected]or 800.451.9275.

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