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EU President Receiving Milk From Farmers in Protest

EU – The European Milk Board (EMB) is leading farmers’ protests against EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, which have taken the form of fresh milk sent to his office.

The organisation says the farmers are protesting against “the European Commission’s destructive milk policy”.

They blame him for not reacting to the European Milk Board (EMB)’s open letter, in which the organisation had called for EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan to be removed from his office.

In the letter, the EMB labelled the commissioner “incompetent” and said that Mr Hogan had a “lack of expertise” in the field of agriculture.

The EMB is calling for more action to combat the dairy price crisis, specifically by reducing overproduction in the sector.

“Juncker thus just stands and watches while an important pillar of EU agriculture – i.e. milk producers – is not only dangerously weakened, but is truly brought to collapse. Chronic overproduction and the consequent low milk prices literally tear away dairy farmers’ livelihoods,” the organisation said.

“Nonetheless, Hogan and Juncker refuse to implement a crisis instrument for the milk market that would require no subsidies. They just keep their eyes shut to the negative consequences this ignorant policy has on jobs and development – and thus on stability in and beyond the agricultural sector.”

Source: The Dairy Site

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