ESTROTECT™ rebrands global product category bovine breeding aids

ESTROTECT™ rebrands, creating new global product category for bovine breeding aids

ESTROTECT™, the global leader in innovative breeding management tools, has rebranded its flagship product as ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator under a new logo and brand identity.

Under its new brand, ESTROTECT expands the range of capabilities of its breeding aids, most notably the newly-launched ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator with Breeding Bullseye™ Technology. The new ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator is more than just a heat detector, like most competitive products in the market, and can be used in a wide variety of breeding management applications.

With this change, ESTROTECT has also updated its visual identity to feature a new, modern logo and wordmark supported by a new full-bodied red bull icon. The new icon captures the full body of breeding management work that the new ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator can provide.

“At ESTROTECT we’re passionate about helping producers and breeding specialists maximize pregnancy rates and the number of calves they get on the ground every year, not just heat detection,” said Boyd Dingus, General Manager of ESTROTECT. “We now have a product and branding to continue leading the industry in today’s modern reproduction marketplace.”

As part of the rebranding, ESTROTECT also has launched a new website that delivers in-depth product information as well as current research and breeding management insights from across the industry.

“The best breeding management tool in the industry has gotten even better, and we wanted to update our branding to match that ambition,” Dingus said. “At the same time, our website serves as a portal for industry information, expertise on breeding management and access to current research and insights from the world’s leading researchers.”

For more information about ESTROTECT Breeding Indicators, visit ESTROTECT.

The ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator is the industry standard for optimizing cattle breeding efficiency and economics. With millions and millions of units sold around the world, ESTROTECT is the only breeding management tool tested in a multitude of university studies by industry researchers.


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