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Erdman is another fine example of Genomic Reliability

Kings-Ransom Erdman CRI, climbs to joint second on the PLI rankings, in the December proof run.  Erdman now has a PLI Score of 587, in addition to this he is the number 1 Holstein on the SCI index with a score of 353. He is the highest available daughter proven sexed bull.

Erdman entered the UK daughter proven rankings among the top 20 bulls available to UK dairy farmers, with a PLI of +220 back in December 2013.  Initially sold as a genomic bull in the UK, he is yet another excellent example of the accuracy of the genomic proofs.  There was little difference between the two proofs with a variation of his PLI score of only 5 points and a remarkable 0.05 points of Type Merit.

The Planet X Ramos son offers a very attractive pedigree in addition to his excellent scores.  He can be confidently used across most dairy herds due to the lack of Goldwyn, Oman or Shottle in his pedigree.

Erdman is the son of Kings-Ransom Ramos Ekky-ET (VG-87, VG-MS, DOM). Ekky’s production as a 2-year-old was 11,934kgs of Milk (305 days), with 566kgs of Fat (4.7%) and 825kgs of Protein (3.1%).

Erdman will feature in the January Winter Sale 2015.    A copy of the winter sale will be sent directly to all customers or you can pick up a copy in the January issue of British Dairying.

More information on all bulls available can be found on via the website or by calling the Freephone number 0808 202 3230.

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