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Erbacres Holsteins Classification Report

Erbacres Holsteins of Lanark, IL hosted the classified on July 17th, and they’re excited to share their results!

New Herd totals: 27 Excellent, 27 Very Good, 3 Good Plus 2 yr olds

New Excellents include:
Apple-Pts Cranapple-Red-ET EX-92 max – Grand Champion, 2023 IL Championship Show (owned by Travis & Megan Schafer and Colganados Genetics)
Erbacres Impression Aranna EX-91
Erbacres Tatoo Stella EX-90
Erbacres Solomon Lydia EX-90
Erbacres Livin Legacy-Red EX-90 (Unstopabull)
Erbacres DB Landrey EX-90 – Champion B&O IL Championship Junior Show 2023
Erbacres Glory of Liberty EX-90 (Doorman)
Erbacres Doorman Cabella EX-90
Erbacres Sidekick Cesha EX-90 – Reserve All-IL Junior 3-Year-Old 2023
Erbacres Doorman Crimson-Tw EX-90
Apple-Pts Alameda-Red-ET EX-91 (owned by Nabholz, MB Luckylady & Pronschinske)
Apple-Pts Cirio Anna-Red-ET EX-90 (owned by Paolo Grendene)

Excellents raised in score:
Erbacres Diamond Sparkle EX-93 (Diamondback x Shakira EX-97)
Erbacres Crush Caroline EX-92 (Crush x Atwood Chloe EX-92)
Erbacres Doorman Foebe EX-91 (Doorman x EX-93 Reginald)

Highlights of the Very Good 2 yr olds:
Floydholm Kdoc Egypt-ET VG-89 – Grand Champion IL Championship Junior Show 2023 (owned by the David & Candice Sarbacker family)
Erbacres Beyond Belief *RC VG-87 – All-IL Summer Junior 2-Year-Old 2023
Erbacres Jacoby Noel VG-87
Erbacres Tatoo Estonish VG-87

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