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Eleven Exciting Graduates Join the Select Sires Lineup

A group of exceptional Holstein graduates has entered the Select Sires active lineup, including 7HO10228 De-Su GULF-ET*BY (EX-90), who leads Select Sires for Total Performance IndexSM (GTPISM) at +2161 GTPI. Following closely at +2152 GTPI, fellow graduate 7HO10356 De-Su WATSON (EX-90) is the new No. 2 GTPI sire at Select. All eleven graduates exceed +1900 GTPI, while nine are +2.0 for Type, and seven offer +1,000 pounds of Milk or better. Almost all graduates earned the DIAMOND SELECTion™ designation and will please dairy producers in all environments and a majority of graduates are FeedPRO® sires. Daughters of these bulls have a significant advantage in maximizing income over feed cost, which continues to be important as feed costs rise.

Six sires from the Georgia family deliver a total package

This group of sires, all bred by De Su Holsteins LLC of New Albin, Iowa, and descended from De-Su BW Marshal Georgia-ET (EX-90-2E-GMD-DOM), leads the December class with exciting GTPI values. These new releases also transmit excellent type, production and fitness traits.

HO10272 De-Su FORK-ET (EX-92) is the highest new graduate for Type (+3.13 PTAT) and transmits exceptional udders (+2.90 Udder Composite) with extreme height and width (+4.50 Rear Udder Height, +4.14 Rear Udder Width). A Bolton son from an Excellent (90) Shottle, his daughters produce high quality milk in large quantities (+1,621 Milk, 2.55 Somatic Cell Score).

Another Bolton son, GULF enters the lineup as an elite GTPI sire with excellent Type (+2.93 PTAT). Transmitting youthful, snug udder attachments, he is Select’s new No. 2 UDC sire at +3.23. GULF’s low SCS (2.64) and high component yields (+70 Fat, +40 Protein) make him an attractive mating sire. A highly-reliable graduate of the Program for Genetic Advancement™ (PGA™), GULF’s exceptional linear values will impress dairy producers of all kinds.

High GTPI sire WATSON is the new No. 1 Cheese Merit (+$736) sire at Select Sires and the top Net Merit (+$630) graduate. A calving ease (7% DBH) Superior Settler™, WATSON is also a components improver (+.15%F, +.07%P). This Boliver son transmits longevity (+4.4 Productive Life) and low somatic cell counts (2.60 SCS).

GULF’s full brother, 7HO10227 De-Su CIMARRON-ET*BY, is another elite GTPI graduate at +2116. This FeedPRO and DIAMOND SELECTion sire transmits elite production (+2,064 Milk) and is the No. 1 Select sire for Fat (+80F). Another udder improver (+2.78 UDC), CIMARRON is +2.78 for Type as well. A Herdlife Builder™, his daughters will be long-lasting (+2.8 PL) and produce high quality milk (2.69 SCS).

7HO10357 De-Su BILLINGS-ET is a high-production Bolton son at +1,959 Milk. With +2.33 Feet and Leg Composite (FLC), his daughters track straight on their rear legs and have excellent foot angle. Not falling far from the family tree, he sires cows with extreme rear udder height and width. BILLINGS is also a DIAMOND SELECTion and FeedPRO sire.

Bolton son and grandson of Georgia herself, 7HO10172 De-Su MASKILL-ET*BY (VG-86) is a highly-reliable, elite milk production graduate (+2,216M). A calving ease (7% DBH) and FeedPRO designee, MASKILL sires open, dairy cows that are moderate in size with well-attached udders.

Familiar family graduates two more

Two new releases from the same family as popular lineup sires 7HO9270 Gold-N-Oaks REAL-DEAL-ET (EX-93) and 7HO9424 Gold-N-Oaks GONE-GOLD-ET (EX-91) are also members of the December 2012 graduating class.

7HO10148 Gold-N-Oaks Ramos FLAX-ET (EX-91) is a HealthMark™ sire that is the new No. 1 SCS sire in the lineup at an astonishingly low 2.36. A Ramos son, FLAX sires tall, open cows that last a long time (+3.2 PL) with tight fore udder attachments. Additionally, he is a DIAMOND SELECTion sire.

The first 7HO7463 Klumbs Durham PONTIAC (EX-92) son to graduate into the Select lineup is 7HO10214 Gold-N-Oaks P MARTY-ET. P MARTY is a high Type (+2.66) graduate from this family with an outcross pedigree. A DIAMOND SELECTion sire, he sires cows with width throughout and exceptional udders (+2.50 UDC) and feet and legs (+2.27 FLC).

Baxter sons complete class

Another outcress sire, 7HO10233 Foxberry Bax MIZZOU-ET (VG-88) is a Baxter son from an Excellent (92) Outside daughter. A maternal brother to lineup sire 7HO9918 Foxberry JS MCFLY-ET (EX-91), he transmits impressive Fat (+.15%F, +77F) and is a high GTPI sire (+2018). His daughters are wide, strong cows that last (+4.1 PL), and he has earned the FeedPRO and DIAMOND SELECTion designations.

7HO10248 Hendel BACARDI-ET (VG-86) boasts impressive component values (+.19%F, +.07%P) and is one of the best at Select for Cheese Merit (+$619). A feet and legs (+2.17 FLC) improver, he is also a calving ease sire (7% DBH). BACARDI earned the FeedPRO and HealthMark designations and transmits longevity (+4.0 PL).

The final Baxter son entering the lineup, 7HO10250 Morningview LUCIFER-ET (EX-90), is the highest feet and leg composite graduate (+2.47 FLC). He is a Type improver (+2.36) and transmits very good components (+.11%F, +.04%P). With daughters that are built to last (+4.2 PL), LUCIFER offers something for everyone.

For the complete list of Select Sires’ new graduates as well as the full breed-leading Holstein lineup, visit www.selectsires.com or contact your Select Sires sales representative today.


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