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Edgelea Tequila Sheraton Scores Excellent 95!

EDGELEA TEQUILA SHERATON2019 All-American Jersey Show National Grand Champion, Edgelea Tequila Sheraton has rang the Excellent 95 bell! Congratulations to her owners Budjon Farms & Peter Vail and her breeder Edgelea Jerseys, ON!

Other Jersey Classification Highlights from Budjon Farms

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  • Big Guns Andreas Velvet EX-91
  • GD Joel Junebug EX-90 just fresh
  • Four Hills Joel Badger VG-88
  • Miss Vip Lil Gold Digger VG-87
  • Bujdon Vail Colton Impress Me VG-87

‘Sheraton’ and the story behind her was featured in our January 2020 Cowsmo issue. Read more here! 

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