Dream-On Holsteins Classification Highlights

Dream-On Holsteins Classification Highlights

Dream-On Holsteins had a recent classification round that produced some incredible results which included 12 first lactation Very Goods!

Fresh 8 months, Dream-On McCutchen Connie EX-93 94-MS © Dream-On Holsteins

Score Breakdown
2 NEW 93
4 NEW 90
2 EX received 2E
12 VG 1st lactation
1 @ 88
1 @ 87
2 @ 86
8 @ 85
17 NEW VGs overall

Classification Highlights
New EX-93

  • Dream-On McCutchen Connie EX-93 94-MS x 87 Dempsey x 90 Alexander x 91 (97DS) Durham back to Glen-Valley Win Caprice EX-93
  • Harvue Windhammer Victory EX-93 x 87 Eagle (Atwood x Planet son @Harvue)

New EX-90

  • Dream-On Byway Honor EX-90 92-MS x 92 McCutchen x 85 Goldsun x 91 Durham x 90 Outside x 87 Brock x 91 Duster x 91 Leadman x
  • Dream-On Mark Hazel EX-90 GMD DOM
  • Dream-On Loyola Viola EX-90 93-MS x 90 Ladd x 86 Barbwire back to Kissamee RM Variety EX-91
  • Dream-On Leverage Las Vegas EX-90 x 87 Acme x 87 Stormatic x 86 Emerson
  • Harvue Mogul Elaine EX-90 91-MS x 90 Atwood

Cows received 2E

  • Dream-On Dresser Hotgirl 2E EX-90 x Acme back to Dream-On Mark Hazel EX-90 Grandam of Dream-On Hottoffthepress, Junior Champion of the Central PA R&W Show
  • Brook-Corner Attic Passion 2E EX-90 x 86 Shottle

VG 1st Lactation

  • Dream-On Crush Honesty VG-88 EX-MS x Byway Honor EX-90(Listed Above)
  • Dream-On Undenied Harmony VG-87 88-MS x Dream-On Gold Chip Harmless EX-93 94-MS *Res Jr All PA 5yr old back to Mark Hazel EX-90
  • Dream-Lea Doorman Berry VG-86 87-MS x 88 Buxton x 90 Aspen *Mat sis. to our Zim-Lea Corey Brittany EX-91 92-MS cow
  • Kar-Je Delta Lambda Tracey VG-86 87-MS x 87 Gold Chip x Sanchez x 90 Shottle back to Savage-Leigh Bellwood Linda EX-92
  • Dream-On Jordy Heaven VG-85 VG-MS x 90 Ladd x 85 Durable back to Mark Hazel EX-90
  • Dream-On Diamondback Ideal VG-85 86-MS x 90 Goldwyn x 94 Aftershock x 92 Rhyme x 95 Encore
  • Dream-On Doc Holiday VG-85 VG-MS x 89 93-MS Mogul sis to Gold Chip Harmless EX-93
  • Dream-On Solomon Corona VG-85 VG-MS x 87 Dempsey *Mat sis to McCutchen Connie EX-93
  • Dream-On Apple Crisp Viceroy-Red VG-85 87-MS x Awesome back to Redmarker Variety EX-91 Grand Champion Lebanon Junior Show
  • Dream-On Tatoo Liberty VG-85 86-MS x Diamondback x Gold Chip x 91 Windbrook back to Savage-Leigh Licorice EX-92 family
  • Dream-On Crushtime Marriage VG-85 87-MS x Chrome x Sid x 91 93-MS Atwood
  • Dream-On Unix Brocade VG-85 86-MS x Headliner x Guthrie
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