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Donnaville Holsteins Classification highlights

Donnaville Holsteins recently had an exceptional classification with Holstein Canada’s Carolin Turner. The mature cows were on point and overall the day ended with their current stats being 8ME 5EX 36VG 31GP! 

Bonnie Dell Lauthority Kelly now Ex-93 3E! ©Donnaville Holsteins

Classification Highlights

3rd Lactation +

  • Bonnie Dell Lauthority Kelly now Ex-93 3E! (Owned with Liberty Genetics)
  • Rosalea Ready Action Xenia EX-92 2E
  • Sunnylodge Atwood Missy EX-92
  • Donnaville Snowy Peggy’s Cove Ex-90 (92 MS)
  • Benoaks Sid Randa Ex-90 (Owned with Lethbridge)
  • Donnaville Atlantic Reilly VG-88
  • Donnaville Airlift Bo Lucky VG-85

2nd Lactation

  • Donnaville Meridian Isabel VG-87
  • Donnaville Airlift Alexis VG-85
  • Donnaville Hi Oct Rootbeer VG-85

1st Lactation

  • Miss Showdown Honey VG-85
  • Donnaville Doorman Rosemary GP-84
  • 3 other 2-year-olds averaged 82pts!


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