Diamond Park Dairy Ltd. Classification Highlights

Diamond Park Dairy Ltd., Classification Highlights

While it may have been a small classification round at Diamond Park Dairy Ltd., AB, the results were definitely worth the acknowledgment! 

Tolamika Sid Miss Alaska VG-85 ©Diamond Park Dairy

Classification Highlights


  • Tolamika Sid Miss Alaska VG-85 (89 R, 88 DS)
  • DP Jacoby Lullaby GP-84 (87 F&L)
  • DP Defiant Redwin GP-83 (86 F&L)

2nd+ Lactation

  • DP Airintake Kemindi VG-85 (88 DS)
  • DP Adonis Urite VG-87 (93 R, 87 DS)
  • DP Rowdy Joyci VG-85 (89 R, 90 DS)

Multiple Excellent

  • Diamondpark Winbrook Favrit Ex-91 is now 3E!
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